Nine to Five Coffee Service: Proudly Serving Only Quality Products Since 1982

We believe that only high quality coffee can deliver a superior taste.

That’s why all our coffees are made from only 100% Arabica beans and are roasted fresh every week!

Gourmet Coffee Selection

100% Colombian
Colombian Medium
Mocha Java
Hospitality Blend
Deluxe Blend
Special Blend
Gourmet Blend
European Classic Blend
French Roast (dark roast)
Hawaii Kona (dark roast)
Nessun Dorma (very dark roast)
Decaffeinated 100% Colombian
Lavazza Espresso Products
Fair trade organic French roast

Flavoured Coffee (30 x 64 g)

French Vanilla
Chocolate Raspberry
Bavarian Chocolate
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Irish Cream
Butter Pecan
Vanilla Nut

Whole Beans (dark roast 4 lbs, light roast 5 lbs)

Costa Rica
Mocha Java
Melange 35
French Roast
Fair trade: Peru Medium, French Roast, Sumatra and Cuzo San Pedro

We can supply your hotel with in-room filter pack coffee and condiment kits. We also offer organic, fair trade coffee and tea.

Milk & Creamers

2% Milk (1 L)
1/2 & 1/2 Cream (1 L)
2% Milkers (160 cups)
10% Creamers (160 cups)
UHT Milk 2% (12 x 1 L)
Carnation Coffeemate (311 g)
Int'l Delight Creamers, Irish Cream (24 cups)
Int'l Delight Creamers, French Vanilla (24 cups)

Sugars & Substitutes

Individual Packages (1000)
Granulated (2 kg)
Cubes (500 g)
Sugar Canister (570 g)
Sweet & Low (1000 packages)
Sugar Twin (250 packages)
Equal (100 packages)
Splenda (100 packages)
Natural Sugar (1000 packages)

Cups & Lids

6 oz Styrofoam Cups (1000/box)
8 oz Styrofoam Cups (1000/box)
Paper Cups (1000/box)
Small Lids for 6 oz Cups (1000/box)
Large Lids for 8 oz Cups (1000/box)


Replacement Coffee Bowl
V.K. Garbage Bags (12)
White Swan Paper Towels (24)
White Swan Single Roll
Bathroom Tissue (48)
Facial Tissue (36 x 100's)
Lunch Napkins (250)
Dispenser Napkins (500)
Liquid Dish Soap
Granular Dishwasher Detergent
Straws (box)
Plastic Spoons, Forks & Knives (24)
Stir Stix: Plastic (1000)
Stir Stix: Wood (1000)
Plates: Plastic/Paper/Styrofoam also available

K-CUPS/Keurig 2.0 Compatible

William Coffee, Organic Fair Trades (12 pods)
Brown Gold Coffee, 100% Single Origin (24 pods)
Marley Coffee, Sustainably Grown (24 pods)
Martinson, Premium Coffee (24 pods)
Higgins & Burke, Specialty Tea (24 pods)

Flavia Single Serve (20 Freshpacks)

Costa Rica
House Blend
Donut Blend
Foundry Blend
Morning Roast
French Roast
Italian Roast
French Vanilla
House Blend Decaf
French Roast Decaf
Real Milk Froth Powder
Dove Hot Chocolate
Assorted Teas

Single Serve Pods (18)

Colombian Supremo
Colombian Decaf
Sumatra Mandheling
Breakfast Blend
Classic Blend
French Roast
Donut Shop
Vanilla Nut
Green Tea Lemon


Red Rose (100/box) with Tag & Envelope
Red Rose (100/box) with Tag
Red Rose Decaf (48/box), No Tag
Tetley (216/box), No Tag
Fair Trade Organic Numi Teas (18 bags)

Bigelow Traditional (28 bags)

Chai Spice
Darjeeling Blend
English Breakfast
English Teatime Decaf
Earl Grey Decaf
Earl Grey
Green Tea
Green Tea with Lemon
Green Tea Decaf
Green Tea with Pomegranate
Chinese Oolong
Raspberry Royale
Lady Grey

Bigelow Caffeine-Free Herbal (28 bags)

Cranberry Apple
I Love Lemon
Mint Medley
Apple Cinnamon
Orange & Spice
Lemon Ginger

Specialty Products

1883 Pure Syrup from the French Alps
Ghirardelli / Frappe and Sauces
Pacific Barista Series / Non-dairy Beverages
Camino / Make it Organic, Fair Trade and Indulgent

Numi Organic, Fair Trade Tea
The Chai Company / Authentic Chai Concentrate
Aiya Matcha Green Tea
Mountain Cider / All Natural & Authentic Apple Cider
Add a Scoop / is all you need to boost your blended beverage
Dr. Smoothie / Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Concentrate
Umpqua Oats / The Premium Oatmeal-to-go

Hot Drinks

Baker’s Hot Chocolate (50/box)
Carnation Light Hot Chocolate (50/box)
Lynch Hot Apple Drink (50/box)
Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mix (24/box)

Refreshing Drinks (24)

Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Fruit Punch
Grape Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Cranberry Cocktail
Coke & Diet Coke
Pepsi & Diet Pepsi
7 UP & Diet 7 UP
Sprite & Diet Sprite

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